Taking Pong
to New Places


here's a better way to bring pong to the PARTY.
(check out our video here.)

MegaPongo is a smartly designed, durable, all-in-one toss game with everything you need to play beer pong, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.


Now there's...
















It’s all the kick of sinking that little white sphere into frothy suds, all the good-natured competition, without having to search for game parts or chase balls all over the place—


Backboards and Ball Collection in
a portable, self-contained carrying case.

















Score more points when you’re tailgating. Dominate the backyard barbecue. Pack more fun into camping. 
Rule the man-cave matchup.

Keep the party going. MegaPongo is all the best
of days gone by and today's lazy backyard get-togethers, in one go-everywhere package.

Play pong with abandon.
If you drink, please drink responsibly.